Uses for Magnetic Signs and Graphics

There are a number of ways magnetic graphics can enhance visual communications in retail spaces, corporate offices and campuses. With products such as the Visual Magnetics Graphic System® , graphics can be layered using magnetic receptive technology, photo-quality films, digital fabrics and writeable surfaces. Here are five valuable ways you can use magnetic graphics in your business.

At the point of purchase to promote products

Magnetic graphics bring high-quality imagery and designs to the point of purchase. The layering quality of magnetic receptive graphics gives retailers flexibility to use a variety of textures and designs for point of purchase displays including smooth writeable surfaces and wood grain finishes.

Interchange various promotionaland marketing messages

The installation of magnetic receptive graphics is seamless, making it easy to add and interchange graphics and messages whenever needed. This makes the in-store experience dynamic and customer-focused. For instance, a fashion boutique can promote its “Buy one, get one free” jewelry special one day and 50 percent off jeans the next day, and then the graphics can be changed to encourage customers to follow the store’s social media accounts during non-promotional timeframes.

Incorporate with exhibits and displays  

Magnetic graphics also allow for easy setup and disassembly of exhibits and displays for trade shows and events. With the Visual Magnetic Graphic System®, use the magnetic receptive base to display the core graphics, and add industry or audience-specific graphics and messaging before each show or event. For example, if a hospital is seeking donations to build a new wing, they could display architectural renderings and visuals of happy, cured patients on the display one day,and on another day, when attending a job fair, the magnetic graphics could easily change to highlight company culture and employee benefits.

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